The telephone and email scammers are at it again, although I’m not sure it ever stops.

Lintao Zhang/Getty Images

This time, it’s a scam from bogus tax collectors. In the story that I read in The Times Union, Governor Andrew Cuomo has put the word out to be very cautious if you gate a call or an email from someone claiming that they’re from the N.Y.S. Tax Department or the I.R.S. They apparently threaten people that they could be arrested or fined if they don’t pay up immediately.

The people are told by the scammers to pay with a pre-loaded debit card or a wire transfer. One of the area codes that seem to be where a lot of these calls come from start with (but not exclusive to) 530.

Officials from N.Y.S. want to remind people that a letter is always sent first when they’re trying to contact you with any issues, and a phone number for you to call and verify who it was sent from.