I am on the ‘Do Not Call’ registry so I don’t get telemarketers calling me. A few times last week, I’m relaxing at home, and the phone rings. The caller i.d. is showing either a private or unknown number. I sometimes answer it, because some of my friends and family have that. As I answer the call, I hear – “This is Governor Andrew Cuomo.” I’m thinking - Wow! The governor is calling me. I keep saying hello, but he keeps talking. It’s a recorded message for a candidate that’s running in the elections. Sorry governor - I just hung up.

There is also a message left on my answering machine from one of the candidates, if I don’t answer the call. That gets deleted almost immediately after the message starts.

I just think it’s funny that these people can still call you even if you’re on the ‘Do Not Call’ list. Why can they still call me? After all, it is a sales type call, trying to sell me a person to vote for. I honestly feel like – if you call me with a recorded message, I am not going to vote for you, anyway, so don't bother. Of course I will look at how each candidate feels about issues and make my voting choice for the one that I think is the best person to put into the government position.

I still love the Seinfeld bit about how to handle a telemarketer.

Do these calls make you angry, too?