Are you the tossing and turning type?  Boy, I sure am.  If someone sneezes in Utica, I wake up.  I know I should go for one of those sleep studies, but the thought of wires connected to me while being told to relax?  I don't think that's gonna happen.  Anyway, here are some things you should know about it. 

Do you sleep on your stomach?  Watch this video.  it might affect the type of dreams that you have.  Have you ever heard of sleeping beauty syndrome?  That's where you sleep 20 hours a day.  (I haven't logged that many hours since last Friday!)   Anyway, check this out.  Very interesting.

Just watching that makes me want to jump back into bed (perfect time to talk about the Sleep Number Bed, huh?) I won't, but I provided the link.  It really is awesome, by the way.  We wouldn't steer you wrong. (If I did, I'd lose even MORE sleep)




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