My friend, we'll call him Chuck, sent a group text to a bunch of us the other night asking, "How much have you spent in alcohol the past month?"   He claimed it was for a "school project" which got a chuckle out of the crew.  But soon after, the responses (and dollar amounts) started to fly.

For me personally, I'm not a big drinker so I turned to the person in the house who has at least a glass of wine 5 out of the 7 nights of the week.   This person (who's name rhymes with Gramantha) did some quick math in her head and she gave me a rough dollar amount of $130.  My first reaction was to call BS on that because as someone who occasionally like to gamble, I've been guilty of saying doing the ol, "Yeah I lost like two hundred bucks" knowing full well it's usually twice that.  Using my own fuzzy math, I deduced that Gramantha probably spent closer to $200 in the last month on booze.

I'm not judging and neither were my friends, but it was interesting to find out what these guys spent on alcohol in April.  A few things to note:  5 of us participated in the informal survey, all of us are in our mid-forties, families and children, and have income coming into the house during the pandemic.

My house, thanks largely in part to Gramantha, spent about $150 as did another buddy of mine who lives in Boston.  He said his wife, an MD, spent about $120. Which under these conditions, you would think could be much higher.

Another friend of mine said that he and his wife are limiting their drinking to Thursday through Sunday to keep the costs down.  And while he didn't give a dollar amount, it's pretty safe to say that 2 adults drinking 3 nights a week must be spending at least as much as my household with only one adult who drinks.  So let's put that number at around $120 a month.

This is where it gets good.  Chuck, the initiator of the text seemed somewhat perplexed that these numbers were as low as they were. "We might have a problem" he texted referring to the dollar amount he and his fiancee have spent on alcohol in April.  "I spent $120 on beer last week" he wrote.  Another friend, gave a virtual high five to Chuck adding that he and his wife are way above that. "Are you guys saying you're only spending $500 per month on alcohol or is that a week?"   I thought he was kidding, until Chuck jumped on the bandwagon of booze adding that he had two separate deliveries in April that were $200 each.

As a relative non-drinker, it sure did feel like this past month trudged along.  I guess for my buds, April went quicker thanks to beer and liquor!

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