We were all captivated by April the giraffe last year and now we get to watch her all over again. It was announced that April is pregnant again! According to NYupstate.com, The Animal Adventure Park announced that April the Giraffe is pregnant with her fifth calf. Yes Oliver is the baby's Dad. He is also the dad to Tajiri that we were all captivated by last year as we watched it all unfold live on their webcam.

The average pregnancy period for a giraffe is fifteen months but April went longer last year. They are hoping to welcome in the new calf sometime in 2019. They are excited at the Animal Adventure Park because it is another step in helping giraffe conservation. There are less than 80,000 giraffes left in the wild.

The Animal Adventure Park will keep us posted through social media and when it gets closer to April giving birth, they should have the webcam set up again. However, something tells me that Toys R Us won't be sponsoring this one.

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