There is another creative way that someone is trying to scam you out of money. This latest scam comes in the form of a personalized card. Here's what to look out for. According to News 10 ABC, there is a name you will need to know about in the latest gif card scam. Her name is "Jenny B". The Better Business Bureau warns consumers about baby and motherhood gift cards being sent to them by this name.

They look to be from a friend but are really part of a larger marketing scam by a company called Mother's Lounge, LLC. The envelope comes to households in the United State and Canada in an envelope with no return address. When opened, it contains a card that congratulates the recipient on their pregnancy and includes gift cards and coupons for baby items that you can purchase.

If you purchase one of these cards, you are responsible for shipping and other costs not mentioned in the card. Also, some of the recipients are not new mothers or pregnant. The BBB warns not to participate in this marketing ploy. There are hidden costs and it is not clear as to what you are getting.

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