Domino's is offering moms-to-be a chance to curb those pizza cravings and to win not only pizza but other cool stuff for their babies. Here are the details. According to, if you are an expecting mother, you can now register at the Domino's baby registry. That's right, the pizza giant is letting the parents-to-be to customize their own pizza wish list.

Domino's has reassured customers that they have made their ordering process easier and made each delivery a special one. Pregnant women can now create their own registry through Domino's and pick out gift card themes like "The Gender Reveal Party", the "Baby Package", the "Hormonal and Hangry", and the "Sleep Through The Night" package. These are all reasons to crave pizza.

It's not just pizza you can get, you can get pizza-themed baby clothing including pizza onesies and moccasins. You can enter to win free pizza for a year and those cute pizza themed gifts by clicking HERE.

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