A local 11-year-old girl delivered a healthy baby in November and the Niskayuna man responsible has been arrested.  DNA tests confirm that he is the father, yet police aren't buying his story about how he impregnated her.

News 10 ABC's Any Tucker has the disturbing story identifying Robert Cronin as the father of the baby born back in November.  The report explains that while the 11-year-old and her baby are doing fine and well cared for, the biological father is making outlandish claims that he and the minor didn't actually have sex.

Cronin told the News 10 ABC reporter that she got pregnant "after she used an article of clothing that he had used to pleasure himself with and that the Niskayuna Police who arrested him are just lacking in scientific knowledge".

When Tucker pressed him further about his statement that he didn't have sex with the girl, he went on to say that 'according to medical science and according to the people who deal with artificial treatments' he's justified in his claims.

Police aren't buying in.  No one is buying it. Cronin is facing charges of felony predatory assault.

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