We got hit with some snow yesterday. Have you fully shoveled yourself out yet? If not, you may not have to with this new app.

Plowz and Mowz is a new app available in the Capital Region that works like an "Uber for snow removal," according to the Times Union. After a storm like the one yesterday, you probably were comfortable on your couch last night or woke up early this morning thinking "I don't want to snowblow/shovel," right? Well, Uber may bring drivers to people who want to go somewhere, Plowz and Mowz brings snow removal to people who just don't want to do it.

Plowz and Mowz works by allowing people to schedule a time, describe the length and width of the driveway, and the app gives users a quote. That's when one of 45-50 plows can respond to the request. They work with local contractors and snow plow companies to get to where the job needs to be done. The job shouldn't take any more than an hour and you're already pre-priced so you know what to expect.


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