I love 8 track tapes.  Call me old school, but it was my favorite format of all time.  Anyone remember them?  Well, I'm actually celebrating them here on National Eight Track Tape Day.

from ebay

Eight track tapes were awesome. They contained magnetic --ahh-tape in there that traveled in a continuous loop.  These cartridges had  8 separate tracks of music on them.   The players had a button on it where you could switch tracks in an instant.  They had a nice warm sound - not this digital mp3 thin, harsh sound we are accustomed to now.  There were players for the home and for the car.  Unfortunately there was no eight track walkman, so you couldn't go mobile with them, but back then no one knew the difference.


They're very popular at yard sales, and there were plenty of country music offerings!  If you have any, send me a picture.  I'm jonesin' to see one again.

And now that I'm done with this blog, I see that Lou Roberts did the same topic.  Older minds think alike!