Because of the popularity of online shopping, department stores continue to close. This time, another Sears store in our area will close its doors.  The Sears store in Aviation Mall in Queensbury opened its doors in 1977 when the mall opened. Now the anchor store will no longer be open. According to News Channel 13, Sears Department store in Queensbury will be part of the latest round of the chain's store closures.

Throughout the country, thirty three Sears stores and thirteen Kmart stores will shut down. The Sears at Aviation Mall is scheduled to close by the end of September. There are no plans for the remaining three Kmart stores in our area to close. They will remain open in Queensbury, Greenwich and Rotterdam. Also, the Sears in Wilton Mall will also remain open.

No word on whether another round of closures will be coming soon. For now I guess we can be happy that we still have one Sears store left in the area and three Kmart stores.

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