"All Star Academy" kicked off February 14th on the Food Network, and Jermaine Wright is among the 8 home cooks competing for $50,000.

According to the Times Union, Jermaine is a "25 year Albany resident who teaches hip-hop dance and works in communications for a nonprofit for at-risk youth." Jermaine told the Times Union he is hoping to win the contest for his mom to put a "smile on here face."

First, you gotta love this guy for wanting to win for his mom. Second, he helps local kids. And it's great seeing another Capital Region talent getting into the national spotlight. There are lots of reasons to root for this guy!

I will never be invited to be on a cooking show. As great as I am at grilling, indoors I am a mess. Thank god for my wife Stacy and the great food she prepares for our family.

Good luck Jermaine! You can see the full Times Union story here.