Robert Irvine and 'Restaurant: Impossible' are coming to a Nisky eatery next month according to the Times Union.

LT's Grill in the Shop Rite Plaza of Nott Street will be getting the makeover treatment when the Food Network show comes town to film July 10th and 11th, and the Times Union says the show is looking for local contractors to volunteer their time to contribute to the renovation. Diners will be able to check out the updated restaurant on July 11th.The basic premise of the show is Robert comes in to town to turn around restaurants that are not doing so hot. The Times Union says LT's applied to be featured.

I must have driven by LT's a thousand times over the last few years driving to the radio station, but for some reason I have never checked it out. Maybe with Irvine and 'Impossible' coming to town this may be a good time to see what is going on! And hey, they have beer, so i am in! Lol!

If you would like to volunteer to help the reno or dine at LT's after the reno, you can check out the Times Union article for more info.


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