As Matty mentioned last week, a local chef was featured on an episode of Food Network's "Chopped" last night. Were you able to see how she did?

Michele Hunter is currently the executive chef at Hamlet & Ghost in Saratoga. If you've never been, their food is fantastic and their cocktails are out of this world. Hunter was up against three other chefs to compete in the famous show "Chopped."

If you've never seen it before, the way it works is that the chefs are each given a basket with the same 4-5 ingredients. They must use those in their dishes of appetizer, entree, and dessert and cook in a short period of time. As Matty mentioned in a conversation with her, Food Network reached out to her and after seeing how well she did, we can see why.

In the first round, they had to create something with vegan pork, pecan kringle, mixed beet blush, and moringa powder. Those are three things I've never heard of let alone would know what to cook with them. In the second round, they had lamb shoulder spaghetti sushi, burrata, and baby artichokes. None of the chefs did particularly well, but Chef Hunter beat out one of the chefs to make it to the final round. They had to work with frog eye salad, papaya, negroni, and dried mulberries.

After figuring out something to make those ingredients, Chef Hunter took home the win! Hamlet & Ghost even had a viewing party for her in Saratoga. We're so glad she ended up winning the prize!

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