As a member of the media I know how hard it can be to keep your composure sometimes. I have been on the air at WGNA and someone like Lou Roberts will do something to distract me and I will burst out in laughter while many of you listeners are wondering what is going on. I have worked on shows on our sister stations where things were said and there is what seems like 5 minutes of straight laughter.

When it happens in radio many times we can just cut to a song and regain ourselves. But it's a bit tougher on television, especially a live show.  Anderson Cooper had the case of the giggles while doing his Ridicu-list segment last night on his show Anderson Cooper 360 on CNN.

The segment which was about french actor Gerard Depardieu allegedly urinating on the floor of an airline is filled with puns. Something tells me that Mr. Cooper himself didn't write the copy because he is giggling the whole way through and finally completely loses it at the end! This is my kind of reality television!

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