I find autism a fascinating "condition".  Or is it?  Some think of it as a deficiency of some sort.  When you see this video, it might just change your mind. 

My brother, Bill actually sent me this.  He knows how many times I have played Billy Joel's "Piano Man" in clubs and at parties.  Well, this 6 year old has shown me that I've been playing the introduction wrong for all these years!  Yes, you are reading that correctly - Ethan W. is SIX and reportedly is autistic.  Check this out.

Look at that! He's not even looking at his fingers!  I look at mine all the time.  I guess my point here is that it seems to me that an autistic person isn't really deficient at all - his brain is just balanced differently.  A lacking in one area seems to be more than compensated for by an overly enhanced part of another.

I know a child who has a form of autism.  Several years ago I was asked to watch him for a half hour.  We sat in his living room.  He put a video in the machine ( It was Toy Story),  and proceeded to mouth EVERY WORD  as if he was lip syncing it.  He knew all of every character's parts down to the letter.   My mouth dropped watching him.

I sure wish I had THAT kind of a memory!  Truly fascinating, yes.  Debilitating condition? I'll let you decide that!