Fair season is in full effect and there is one fair that is making sure that everyone can have a great time. There are a few new events and an all new sensory sensitive day for those with disabilities.  The Saratoga County Fair, which started on Tuesday July 24th and runs through Sunday July 29th, is trying to make sure that everyone can enjoy all the fair has to offer. According to the Daily Gazette, new this year is sensory sensitive day called "Think Differently Day" on Thursday July 26th. The day will begin at 9am and there will be no loud noises or flashing lights from 9am until 11am for those with sensory issues. Officials hope that this will be a standard day each year at the fair and that other fairs may adopt a day like this.

The Saratoga County Fair runs through Sunday from 9am until midnight. For ticket information, discounts, parking, directions and exhibit times, visit the Saratoga County Fair website.

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