I am very happy that this pandemic creation will continue as life gets back to normal this summer.

If the pandemic taught us anything, it was new creative ways to keep enjoying what we love. And that includes fair food. These fair food events where you could dine on your favorite midway goodies were an idea that was born out of COVID, but is one so great it will live on even as we get back to normal.

The Altamont Fair has announced the return of their "Fair Food Fest" for three weekends this coming summer including Memorial Day Weekend May 28th - 30th, June 25th - 27th, and July 16th - 18th. According to a post on their Instagram, the fair is "...expecting fried dough, deep-fried Oreos, pizza, gyros, sausage and peppers, wine slushies, fresh-cut french fries, tacos, burgers, steak sandwiches and more!" Admission for all 3 weekends will be free, and the fair will have more details soon as far as a final menu and list of vendors.

This ultimately will be a win-win for all of us this summer. The way things are looking with pandemic guidelines loosening up, you have to imagine we should see several fair events happening this summer. Couple that with these fair food festivals, and we will have plenty of opportunities to grab all the fried fair goodness your belly can handle! The fair food festival is a pandemic creation that should have been born well before the pandemic as it is pure genius. And it is one that will live on because of that genius.

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