It's nice to be recognized, but not for this.

But at least we are getting less ratty. Orkin has once again released their  annual rankings for the Top 50 Rattiest Cities in the United States, and the bad news is Albany.Schenectady/Troy once again made the list.

But here is the good news: after landing at #32 nationwide last year, the Capital Region tri-cities were ranked at #47 on the list year. So when it comes to be ratty, we are getting better. Or, less 'ratty' I should say.

At least when it comes to the State of New York, we are not alone on the rankings. As you would imagine New York is high on the list at #3, Buffalo is at #32, and Syracuse lands at #41.

I find this a bit odd as in my time living here and spending plenty of time in Albany, Schenectady I have not one encountered a rat. Maybe that is a good sign and next year we can finally make the move below 50 and just be among the normally ratty cities nationwide.


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