I have to share this video with you , and hopefully the rest of the world! So I am asking you to SHARE, SHARE, SHARE it with everyone you know!

Some of you may have seen it recently on a few Facebook pages from local friends but I think it really does need to go viral. I can't think of a better way of teaching or reminding people how important a little kindness, fun and human interaction can mean to someone.  Tom, a "Patient Care Associate" at Albany Medical Center clearly already knows.

Kamryn is a beautiful little girl who is fighting a wilms tumor (kidney cancer), She has had an operation to have the tumor removed and has been undergoing Chemotherapy since. I think we can all imagine what this sort of thing can be like for such a sweet little girl, heck I'm an adult and I hate going to hospitals. Well, Kamryn and her  Mom Andrea  recently found themselves back in the hospital for a blood transfusion and fortunately for them PCA Tom was also there that night.

I say it's fortunate because apparently both Kamryn and Tom are both big fans of the movie "Frozen" somehow that common thread led to one of the sweetest most beautiful duets I have ever seen.

On her Facebook, when she posted the video, Kamryn's Mom Andrea wrote:

"So the bad news is that we've been in the hospital getting a blood transfusion but the good news is that we met the most awesome nurse Tom, who happens to be a fan of the movie Frozen. This just happened! Lol"

And posted this video:

I have to say that I am a super huge fan of Tom now and I don'rt even know who he is. I am proud however that he lives and works right here in the Capital Region. I think the world needs a whole lot more "Toms" and a whole lot less childhood cancer.

God bless you both Kamryn and Tom and thank you for that reminder that even in the worst of times a little song in your heart, and a good friend can carry you through!

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