Everybody sing "Hurray For Albany-Wood, da-da-ta-da-da-da-ta-Albany-Wood".  Excuse me, but I'm very excited about our state capital quickly becoming a movie capital of the world.  Aren't you?

Yet ANOTHER movie is being shot in our area.  Man, first we get our very own Silicon Valley, next our own Hollywood.

This movie will be about the "Greatest, the Prettiest, the self-professed Awesomest Fighter of All Time", Mohammad Ali (aka Cassius Clay -which shows how old I am.  I remembered that)

If you'd like more information about the movie, our very own movie expert, Terry O'Donnell,  from our sister station Crush FM has his own article on it.

The excitement is building for this new flick.  Some folks are also excited in a more negative way, because their favorite pathways to their offices might be detoured.  Here is the info that we have about that as I write this.

Roads are detoured in downtown Albany on:

Washingtton Ave between Dove and Eagle Street

Pine Street between Eagle and Lodge

Greyhound terminal between Hamilton and Dallius Street

(please listen to 'GNA for updates or changes to this list)

And if you are interested in trying out for a spot as an extra for this movie, our good buddy John Gray from WXXA, Fox 23 has the scoop

Someday in a future article, I will tell you the story of the time yours truly was an extra in a movie shot here in the early 80's.  It was called the Bostonians, and starred the late Christopher Reeve.  Somewhere at home I have a video clip of my 2 second movie debut.  (As Kenny Chesney would say - "Don't Blink" (or you'll miss it)

Will you try out for the movie?  If you do, let us know how it goes!