The actor was spotted last week scouting potential locations to film!

You know him from the TV show  'The Office' and a bunch of blockbuster films, and now John Krasinki is scouting locations for his own films in the Mohawk Valley, according to the Times Union.

The actor was spotted last week Little Falls looking at possible filming locales for a movie he is writing called 'A Quiet Place.' The Times Union is also reporting he will direct and star in it, along with his wife Emily Blunt.

Local Utica TV station WKTV also tweeted this photo of John out and about in Little Falls:

It's always cool to see some of Hollywood's biggest names in the area, but even cooler to see them looking to work on their films here. The list of projects filmed here in the last few years is impressive, the most recent being Ben Stiller working on his new Showtime series 'Escape From Dannemora' about the Watertown prison break.


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