Lifetime was the first to do a made for TV movie of the Dannemora prison break. Now it's Hollywood's turn, well sort of.I think the story of Joyce Mitchell, the seamstress who helped the prisoners escape from the Clinton County Correctional Facility, is a fascinating one. I also believe that there is so much more to this story.

Now a Showtime series called "Escape From Clinton Correctional" is in the works to be directed by none other than Zoolander star Ben Stiller. Also tapped to play convicted murderer Richard Matt is Benicio del Torro. The infamous seamstress will be played by one of my favorite actresses, Patricia Arquette. No word of who will play David Sweat or other major players in this escape and sexual tryst.

Ben stiller will also act as executive producer for all 8 episodes that will air on Showtime. No date has been given on when it will begin filming or air. To read more on the story, visit The Wrap.

I am looking forward to this series. I was enthralled with the manhunt and the sorted story of Joyce Mitchell. I almost can't get enough of this story. You bet I will be watching. Will you?

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