Ask any wife and I'm sure she won't disagree that "a wife comes before a horse"but this actually is a quote from "Mr. Ed", a classic TV show from the '60's.  It's quite fitting for the opening of Saratoga this weekend and a good starting point for Write A Song Wednesday.

Bethany once again has set the bar. She wanted to go with a horse racing theme for obvious reasons.  Good concept.  Listen -I've said this many times - there are no bad ideas, Bethany ----just bad possible outcomes.  This might be one of them.


Written by YOU, the listeners!  (parody of "Mr. Ed")


A wife comes before a horse

that is if you're looking for intercourse

not even showing any remorse

on the famous Sleep Number bed

this song has taken an interesting twist

I'm done with it now and it won't be missed

I'd like it on the top of my list

but it's now at the bottom instead

apologies to Mr. Ed

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