I'm not big on making New Year's resolutions.  Probably because they are so hard to keep.  You would think the fresh start of a new year would make a person more apt to keep theirs, but as you will see by the lack of people at your local gym sometime in early February, its just not the case.

So I got to thinking about resolutions, and how we can make it work.  The answer is to not be too specific. Don't say, "I will lose 30 pounds."  or " I will quit smoking"   Are those good goals, of course but lets think bigger. And much less specific.

As this year comes to an end, try to find a little quiet time.  And think about the person you were as a kid.  Think about the things you enjoyed back then.  Think about the things you did, and you lost track of time while you did them. Talking with a friend, paining a picture, building a fort  or maybe walking trails you had never been on before.  When you are doing those thing, being who you truly are and time flies by that's when you know you are following your bliss.  Think about the person who that kid wanted you to be.  Not a Fireman or Doctor.  The KIND of person they wanted to be.  Maybe someone who traveled and loved adventure, maybe a good parent and loving spouse, maybe you wanted to make a real difference in the world, or maybe you just wanted to take it a day at a time.  The point is, I am willing to bet if you really think about it, you are not that person. Not as much as you should be.  Somewhere along the line of growing up, you made sacrifices and concessions.  You couldn't travel because you met that special someone and settled down and raise your family.  You never met that person you wanted to have a family with because your career took off, and doesn't allow you the time to even date seriously. You want to make a difference in the world, but you don't even see how anymore and there is just no time.  Or you cant live life as it comes, because you are way too busy planning it to enjoy it.  Think about it.  What would that kid think about you now?

Now be that kid.  Don't think about should have's or would have's,  think about who you are now.  But do it with the eyes of that child you remember, they didn't care about cars, clothes,  houses, and keeping up with the Jones'.   Life was just potential and possibilities.  Take off the limitations of  WHO you should be, or even who you are.  Think about who you want to be.  Whats really important in your life, what you want to more of and what you need less of.  Don't think about what others want you to be , or need you to be.  Think about your bliss.  Follow YOUR bliss.

Now your thinking, Sean, this is huge, and far too hard to pull off with a new year's resolution.  What? you want me to quit my job and travel Europe?  You want me drop everything , all my responsibilities and just play my guitar all day?  No.   I want your resolution to be to TRY to be a little more true to yourself.  Try to be a little more of the person you dreamed you would be.   The person you really are.

If you wanted to have adventures, have a few small ones.  Take a weekend , get in your car and just drive somewhere you've never been to before.  Even if its only twenty miles away.   If you wanted to be a good parent and spouse, take the family camping this year like you always said you would.  Make sure you are home for dinner more and really listen when you ask how their day was.   If you wanted to change the world, volunteer a couple of hours a month at a food kitchen, or get some friends together to clean up a neighborhood park.  You get the idea.  Small steps to being more true to who you are and what makes you feel good about being.

So there is our resolution.  Simply,  this year I will be more me.  This year I will recapture my inner child,  I will find and follow my bliss.