I've been on vacation for so long, I almost forgot how to do this.  But Im looking forward to getting aback to the routine- including getting back my school program.  I get very antsy and fidgety after awhile if I'm just sitting around.  Maybe I should purchase this brilliant new invention intended for kids, though I'm hoping they will consider an adult version - desk with .....well...you'll see.


You're not gonna believe this but according to ABC7.com, some very crafty entrepreneur came up with this (Maybe he/she was an a.d.d. sufferer or had a kid who was)

Its called a Desk Cycle ...It's a desk with pedals!  I have to credit my niece, a preschool yoga instructor for posting this.  I wouldn't think her students would have to employ this technique  ( she's an expert at mellowing them out, plus they're too young to read anyway)

But according to the article, kids in Paramus, NJ are using them and teachers are raving about how it increases their concentration and stops them from kicking their feet and making noises under their desks- a,k.a Fidget Syndrome (I made that term up)


(My original ending to this blog)   They should put these in offices too. Why not?  You could call it the DESKERCISE BIKE.  Everyone would have to break maybe 3 times a day in unison and do a little workout session.  What's Mr Wonderful's email address?  Shark Tank here I come... ( I'll let you know how that works out)

UPDATE - They already have it!  These things can fit under any desk for any age, and people are using them in offices already.  Another "too little, too late" idea from yours truly.

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