I'm not sure if you are old enough to remember the great O.J. Simpson car chase years ago but this little t.v. event reminds me of it , except the speeds are a little different and it has a surprise element -flying money!

According to an article in USNews.com , there was a bank heist in LA, and an amazing high speed car chase followed.  But what noone expected was the fact that the robbers threw alot of the "evidence" out of the window to passing pedestrians.  You have to check this out.

How bizarre is that?  Now here's the question.  If you find money on the ground like that, aren't you obliged to return it?  Can't YOU be arrested for stealing as well?  Or was this considered a gift and thus "for the taking"?

Would you return the money?  Would love to know.  And I wonder if anyone DID return their "catch". Hmmmm--- these things keep me up at nite.

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