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This story I have to say hit home for me. When I was young we were pretty poor so we never had money for school lunches. I remember that there was a program for poor kids where you got a punch card for "free lunch" but I also remember being too embarrassed to use it half the time. when you are in school you really don't want to stand out as the poor kid.

These days schools will substitute a cheese sandwich, or peanut butter and jelly for those kids that are behind on paying for lunch. While this is great that they can at least have something, how embarrassing is that for the kid? It really is a shame that some schools would rather throw lunches away then let a hungry kid eat, like they did recently in Utah.

Well after hearing the story about the Utah school throwing out over 40 lunches rather than give them to the kids who were behind on payment, 52-year-old Kenny Thompson of Houston checked to see if there was a similar problem in one of his local schools, there was.

Kenny, who is by no means rich then decided to go ahead and pay for all 60 delinquent accounts for a total of $465. One of the kids actually broke down in TEARS when they found out. It turned out they'd been pretending they weren't hungry and completely skipping lunch each day, because they were too embarrassed to let their friends know they couldn't afford it.

Inspiring. Thank you Kenny what a great idea! Kenny has said that he plans on doing this again and many others have been inspired to check with their local schools to help out as well.

Here is the story as it was first told on Houston's KPRC News.