63-year-old Kerry Irwin, who is a resident of Delmar, was hit by a car in Colonie, on Tuesday evening. He died later that night in Albany Medical Center, because of some injuries that he received when he was hit by the car on Central Avenue in Colonie. The accident happened east of Reber Street, not far from Taft Furniture.

52-year-old Rosanne Endres of Rensselaer was the person that hit Irwin. He was crossing Central Avenue, but he was wearing dark clothing, making it difficult to see him. He was also not crossing in a crosswalk. Because of those circumstances, Endres will likely not be facing any charges.

Colonie Police are still investigating the accident, and are hoping to find anyone that may have witnessed what happened. If you know, or you know someone that knows anything about hat happened, you can give them a call at 783-2744.

As most people know, this is a very busy road, and to not use a crosswalk can be a very dangerous thing to do. In this case, it was fatal.