The governor's mandates keep on coming. Earlier in the week, we found out when gyms will finally be allowed to open in New York state. But before you start working out, make sure you are wearing the proper face covering. Not all masks are allowed. I am by no means a gym rat nor do I pretend to be. But I enjoy going to a spin class and getting a good workout in. Governor Andrew Cuomo announced this week that gyms and workout studios can finally reopen again on Monday, August 24th.  He also stated that masks must be worn at all times during the workout and inside the gym. Now we are finding out which face-coverings are approved by the governor.

According to, there are certain masks that will not be allowed or approved for gym-goers to use when they reopen. If you are using gaiters, bandanas, or buffs as a mask to cover your face to go into a store or go to a baseball game, these will not be allowed as a face-covering inside a gym or fitness studio. The governor's office said the use of these is not accepted as a mask.

Masks that will be allowed and accepted inside a fitness studio or gym to defend against the coronavirus are cloth-based coverings and the disposable masks. These must cover both the nose and mouth and appropriate for exercise.

Will you be heading back to the gym knowing that you must wear a mask while you workout?

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