I heard some sad news about a band I grew up with. It seems that they are breaking up forever. My inner eight-year-old is devastated. According to People.com, it seems there are a few changes coming to Chuck E. Cheese. The major change, my inner little 80's kid has a problem with, is the automatronic band. Chuck E. Cheese has announced that they will be doing away with "The Pizza Players".

I know you may say that they were a bit creepy, but they were a huge part of the atmosphere of the Chuck E. Cheese experience. Now the company says they will be replaced by live performers and a light-up dance floor. It's all part of their refurbishing their brand and their restaurants. Chuck E. Cheese will appear every hour on the dance floor to dance with the kids. Plus they are doing away with tokens. Kids will now be able to play video games with cards or wristbands.

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