I have no film to show you.  I can't find anything on the web.  Just photos, like the one to follow from the LA Times.com .  But here's another example of someone's age not being a detriment to seeking out extreme danger

This seems to be a trend today.  First our Daily Dilemma focused on an age issue , then I found a video of Larry King doing a type of dance reserved for much younger folks, and now this!

I guess this gentleman survived, begin only the 4th person ever to do so.  He sustained multiple injuries, yes, but made the history books in the process.

So here we go with the question again.  Was it worth it for a 40 year old to do this?  Doesn't he have responsibilities to his family?  Yes, but he's famous now!  Book tour.  Movie possibilities. Interviews on "Good Morning America",  the "Today Show".  Oh the heck with them.  How about the "Sean and Richie Show?."

Anyway, what's your thought?  Should he have done this in the first place?