I really love when people come together to help another person out , even when they don't know them, and even if what these people did seems like not that big of a deal the fact that it went from an idea to a reality so well makes it beautiful to me. Branden Witt is a 4 year old who lives outside of Richmond Virginia and is having brain surgery on Monday. Branden's Mom knew he would miss Halloween trick or treating so she came up with a great idea. Earlier this month Branden's parents went through the neighborhood and passed out flyers that explained the situation and handed out glow sticks, if the neighbor wanted Branded to trick or treat at their house two weeks early all they had to do was display the glow stick.

Not only did over 40 neighbors participate but many who don't even hand out candy on Halloween put a glow stick out for Branden. So this past Saturday a very adorable "Lightning McQueen" visited his neighbors and had a wonderful Halloween and will take a great memory with him as he goes into surgery Monday morning.

One local restaurant will even be holding a fund raiser to help with medical costs.


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