While most people who are 95 years old quietly sit at home and try to enjoy a quiet life, this woman spends her time running in parks near her home.

According to CNN, 95 year old Ida Keeling recently ran in a race in New York City. She didn’t win, but she did break the world record for running: 60 meters in 29.86 seconds. Ida has won many accolades in International athletic events, and now adds this race to the list.

A quote from this spunky senior citizen, she said that “running is not a game of ageing people”. This definitely sounds like someone that you might not want to challenge.

I believe that some sad and personal things that happened in her life, inspire her. She lost her mom at young age, then the sudden demise of her husband. The last event tore her apart, when she lost her two sons in a drug related situation within the span of two years.

May she be an inspiration to us all.