Runners Are Crazy! Plus, Local Boston Marathon Runner!
I'm a runner. At least, I like to tell myself I am. I've run a half-marathon before but even running for that distance seemed incredible to me. I don't know if I could ever complete 26.2miles. The Boston Marathon is a completely different monster and the people who take part in that a…
Freihofer Run For Women
No, I didn't run in the race!  Somehow I didn't qualify (wrong sex and also out of shape!)   But I did have a chance to go and see the whole thing for the first time, and it was phenomenal - plus a great "photo op"
Workout Fail Compilation [Watch]
You'll go through a range of emotions as you're watching this trending video.  I know I did!  I laughed, I winced, I felt sorrow... and I felt like a lot of these people lacked common sense!
Wicker chairs will not hold you up, and don't try to jump on a moving treadmill...