Vermont State Police made a pair of arrests recently, charging each with multiple counts of animal cruelty when it was discovered that their home was littered with dead animals, feces, and urine.

According to police, the assailants acted as a duo even though one of them was from Vermont, and the other was from Hoosick Falls.

How did Troopers know about the home in Vermont?

Good police work by the Vermont State police led to the arrest of two individuals when, according to a report by CBS 6 News, "on Feb. 17, troopers responded to a complaint of possible animal cruelty on Blueberry Hill in Pownal."

According to the report, the Trooper could see "multiple" dead animals inside the home shared by Juan M. Garcia, 22, of Pownal, and Cassaundra M. Halsey, 32, of Hoosick Falls.

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"By looking through a window, troopers could see multiple dead Guinea pigs in cages as well as feces and urine covering the floors of the residence" - CBS 6 News

Upon seeing the carnage, the landlord of the property helped the Trooper inside the home.

The report states that once inside the home, police located a total of 8 animals, 6 of them dead, as well as the infestation that accompanies it.

All in all, Vermont State Police say they located six Guinea pigs, four of which were deceased, as well as two dogs

According to the source, animal control removed the living animals from the residence, and troopers located Garcia and Halsey, issuing them citations to appear in Vermont Superior Court Bennington Criminal Division on March 27.

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