Pee!  Soooooo... the other 47% of you are lying?

I mean, shower time is usually private time, so you never really know what other people do in the shower.

But, a new survey found some of the weirder things people do when they're taking a shower or a bath.

Here are some interesting ones -

1.  53% of people pee in the shower.

2.  Women are 41% more likely to clean the shower naked than men.

3.  Women are also 44% more likely than men to SING in the shower.

4.  One out of four people have used someone else's soap or shampoo without asking.

5.  People are 57% more likely to take a selfie in the shower than the bathtub.

6.  One out of seven people say they've taken a conference call in the bathtub.

So there you have it!  A tiny sneak peek at what is really going on in people's bathrooms!  I'm actually sorry I know all of this!

dog in a shower cap

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