As a parent, you're always looking out for things that could potentially harm your children or yourself. Now, we're finding that dangers are hiding in even more of the most innocent places that we use every day.

If you thought the only places you needed to worry about your children coming into contact with drugs were on the streets, you'd be completely wrong. Drugs and drug users can be affecting us in the most innocent and personal places.

A Facebook post by Athena Rose started trending last week when she shared what she found at a Catskill Walmart. With the post, was a picture of a toilet paper roll with what looks like blood stains on the side, she explains:

PSA to anyone who uses public bathrooms but more specifically the bathrooms at Walmart in Catskill, NY... I went there today. Had to use the bathroom so I went into the bathroom and into a stall. I had barely got in before I noticed a roll of toilet paper sitting outside the plastic toilet paper holder. The two circled areas in the picture are places where a drug addict has stuck their needle into the toilet paper to wipe the blood off so they can potentially reuse the needle in the future. I'm sure it was okay to use due to the fact that the blood looked old and blood born illnesses dont last long outside the body, but it was very unsettling to know someone did that. When you use a public restroom, ALWAYS check your surrounding area. You never know what you will find.

While this was at a Walmart in the Catskills, something like this could be happening anywhere. Drug use, especially opioids, is such an epidemic right now that can affect anyone. These people aren't of the right mind to think of you or your family's safety and in this case are just using whatever is most convenient. I don't know how prevalent this is, but it's definitely something to keep an eye out for if you find yourself in a public restroom.

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