I love the Eli Young Band! They're really cool guys and they are great musicians!

Monday we announced that they're coming to the Troy Savings Bank Music Hall on Nov. 1, which is amazing! But what makes it even more special is that it's absolutely free. That's right, no money will be spent by you in order to get into the theater.

In fact, that's No. 1 on my list of reasons why I'm excited for them to come to Troy.

Here are my reasons:

1. The show is free! You can win tickets in our Trip-A-Day Giveaway, or you can come pick up a pair this Saturday at The Factory Outlets of Lake George from noon-2 near Gap where I'll be giving them away!

2. "Even if it Breaks Your Heart:" I think this song is so inspirational— I love it! The first time I heard this song I started crying.

3. "Honey I'm Good:" One of the hottest pop songs of the summer, done by Andy Grammar, remade as a country song by Eli Young Band. Check it out.

4. Their robot has better game than most of guys I know!  Check out this video!  It's a super romantic song, but.... the robot!

5. We are giving away hundreds of tickets to the show!  I might have mentioned this already, but the Nov. 10 show is free! The way to get in is to win. Tickets to this show are the qualifying prize for our Trip-A-Day Contest, so just be caller 12 when you hear the sounder five times a day on 'GNA, and not only are you going to see Eli Young Band, but you're also in the running for a variety of vacations that we give away every single day!

Bethany with Eli Young Band