As I was driving home from trivia last night in downtown Albany, it was hard not to notice the billowing smoke in the dark evening sky. That's how I knew just how bad it truly was. You can typically see just anything in a sky that dark. But, last night, that smoke couldn't be missed as fires broke out on Madison Avenue.

Imagine you're Dar Klemm and Milanna Royster, who happened to be out when the fire started Monday evening and you come home to your apartment up in flames. There are a lot of worries to have but the biggest concern and devastation was that both of their dogs were inside.

Albany Fire credit Marissa
Albany Fire credit Marissa

The two were informed of the fire by their landlord and rushed home. Dar told WTEN that she ran around the street for thirty minutes searching for her pup, Macy when a Firefighter said they had found her and had her safe in the truck, on oxygen. But what about Milanna's 12-year old Jack Russell Terrier, Spice?

Now, 12-hours after the fire, the two have been reunited! The amazing story is where they found the dog. She had buried herself under a bed in a back bedroom during the blaze, which was where she still was when a contractor found her when he was assessing the damage.

An amazing story of a brave, smart pup!



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