Value Penguin recently ranked the safest cities in the state of New York, and 3 area cities including Albany landed in the bottom 10.

While many Capital Region towns landed near the top of Value Penguin's list, 3 big Capital Region cities landed in the bottom 10: Albany, Schenectady and Troy. The rankings are basically based on crimes per 100,000 residents. Out of 210 ranked cities here is how the 3 fared:

  • #202: Troy - 3,369 crimes/100,000 people
  • #203: Schenectady - 3,526 crimes/100,000 people
  • #205: Albany - 3,594 crimes/100,000 people

Now obviously smaller cities used a ratio to figure out what there crime rate would be if they had 100,000 people.

So what was the least safe city overall at #210? Buffalo. The the #1 safest city in the ranking is Lewisboro which is right near the Connecticut border, not too far from Danbury, CT.


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