A birthday party for a 16 year old created some controversy when it included a couple of exotic dancers.

Flickr User Omar Wazir

It happened on November 3, 2012 at the Spare Time Bowling Alley in South Glens Falls, about 45 miles north of the Albany area. According to a story that I read in the Times Union, some of the attendees at the party included some 14 year olds. The party took place in a separate room in the bowling alley, where the windows were covered up and nothing could be seen from the bowling alleys. There were pictures taken from someone’s cellphone showing the strippers in some provocative poses.

James Murphy, the Saratoga County District Attorney is investigating whether this was a violation to the liquor license at the bowling alley, and if this is endangering the welfare of a child, especially since the exotic dancers did not fully disrobe. Because this incident is still being investigated, there have been no charges or arrests in this case.

Bowling alleys are great family places. This was just a very unusual situation.