A press conference was held Tuesday afternoon to discuss the upcoming changes in safety for pedestrians crossways at the Cohoes portion of 787.

The goals were outlined by Cohoes Mayor, Shawn Morse after the third pedestrian in 17 years was struck and killed back in June. The first part of the campaign showed the installment of 35-second walk signals that halt traffic in all directions of the Bridge Street intersection where 16 year old, Brittany Knight was killed tragically back on June 16th.

787 also known as Cohoes Boulevard, will cost $12-$15 million to transform the road into a true boulevard appearance. To give an idea of the look they'd be going for, think Saratoga Springs portion of Route 9 by the park: medians, lighting, curbing and other features.

Monday begins a police corridor on the Cohoes stretch of 787 as an educational movement when it comes to the areas speed limits. Signs are posted to warn and alert drivers of the impending police watch. After a week of watching, the ticketing will begin to those violating the speed limit.

The state police are saying, "Our goal is not to write a ticket. Our goal is education."

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