Set aside that date of Saturday, January 21st. 1077 'GNA, Price Chopper and Best Fitness will be hosting a giant "Health, Fitness and Beauty Expo" from 10am-4pm at the Empire State Plaza.

This couldn't come at a better time for me. I recently was given some strict orders from my physician. One of them was to drop 25 pounds and exercise. That's not as easy as it sounds. When it comes to exercise, everyone can't do everything. In my case I have very bad knees which have been surgically repaired, so I need to exercise but can't do anything that is high impact or involves a lot of running or jumping. I have a lot of questions that I will be asking the many professionals at our Expo on January 21st.

Then I will be able to get on a plan that is personally catered just for me. Due to time constraints in my schedule I can't go to a gym, so whatever the answers are I need to be able to get equipment and do the routine at home as well.

I know many of you have special needs as well when it comes to excercise and fitness. This event will allow you to get healthier on your own set of needs by asking questions with the many professionals at the Expo.

Admission to the Health, Beauty and Fitness Expo is only $3. Kids are free. Everyone that enters will receive a free 1 month membership to Best Fitness (Albany or Schenectady clubs).

There will be live stage presentations of Zumba and more at the event plus professionals from the following businesses. This list will keep growing as we approach the date.

Bath Fitter

Marotta Health and Wellness

Anytime Fitness

Albany City Adventure Boot Camp

Body and Sol Tanning


Shaklee Sports Nutrition

Joyce Gauthier

Stiletto Salon

Good Feet Store


Albany NY Fitness

Steuben Athletic Club

Albany Vegetarian Network

Body and Sol Salon

Price Chopper

Best Fitness

We can't wait to see you there, and get on the path to great health with you.