Did you hear about this?

Although I actually did get a big kick out of it, if you were one of the people who got scammed, I feel your pain, proving once again, don't believe it just because it's on the web! Check this out! 

Supposedly there was a rumor going around on a virtual bulletin board on the Internet that if you updated your iPhone to iOS 7, the new operating system, it would protect your circuitry from water damage by basically shutting it off.  So guess what? People believed it.

Just how many damaged or ruined phones out there is uncertain.

Here's the story in a nutshell, via NB Newsbreaker:

OK, now it's time to 'fess up. Did any of you try this?  Better (or worse) yet, do any of you have ruined phones now?

I am smashing my hand against my forehead as we speak, because I tend to be one of the more gullible people on the planet at times, so I could see me falling for it - especially after seeing the very believable looking advertisement .

iPhone water

If so, I'm laughing, but I'm not.  I'm sure Apple is doing the same thing, because they are now going to become bombarded with people on their hands and knees begging the Genius Bar for forgiveness.

If you were an Apple exec, would you cut these people a break, or would you tell them basically tough "you know what?" Would love to know.