You heard right!  For YEARS we have read the horoscopes faithfully each morning on the Sean and Richie Show (we do them at 6:50am if you're counting).  We call them horriblescopes!

We aim for the utmost accuracy, mind you.  But this year it's gonna be different.  And it ain't our fault!

According to the website, your horoscope for this year will be HORRIBLY wrong.

They write:

The Zodiac was established 2,500 years ago, and the signs were based on the constellation the sun was in on a person's birth date. But in those 2,500 years, the Earth has wobbled (scientific term: precession), meaning “your” sign has moved about one month—so it isn’t actually your sign.

Jumpin' JUPITER!! This has HUGE implications for our program.  There have been many days that Sean and I, in our exhausted mental state have accidentally attributed one person's astrological sign for another.  But now we're going to have to do it all the time!!!

And hold on a minute!  It doesn't say which WAY it's moved.  If you're an Aries, do we read Taurus, or Pisces?     Wow! our in-house astrologer is going to have to do alot of cutting and pasting!

Whoever came up with this hairbrained theory, all I can say is-HERE'S YOUR SIGN, and it's noone else's but YOURS!!