So I got the flu this year. I have been in isolation in my bedroom since I was diagnosed. Fortunately, I made sure that my dog Freddie stayed away from me too, and it's a good thing because I found out he could catch it too. All Freddie wanted to do was snuggle with me because he knew I wasn't feeling well. But we decided it wasn't a good idea because we were worried that he may spread it on his fur to our six year old. What we learned was that not only can the dog be a carrier, he can also get the flu.

Veterinarians are saying that even though you won't see any symptoms in your dog, there is no test to find out if they are contagious. They recommend that you don't take your dog out in public until at least two weeks after they have been exposed to someone who had Influenza B. (That's what I had).

Take it from me, if you are feeling off or under the weather, don't discount this as a common cold, demand a flu test and find out. Mine was caught a day late. Also, don't go to work, don't tough it out, get the meds you need right away. As much as you want the comfort of your dog, resist the urge to pet or snuggle them. This way everyone can get healthy and remain flu free.

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