I posted a poll earlier this week to determine which NFL team has the most fans in the Capital Region, and the winner is...

The Buffalo Bills!

I gotta say, I assumed it would be the Giants or the Jets, but my gut was wrong! In fact, they didn't even come in second!

The Bills topped my poll garnering 33% of the votes, and the Patriots finished 2nd with 26% of the votes. The Bills being #1 does not surprise me, but the Pats finishing that high does. I know we have some Pats fans in the Capital Region, but I never thought they would be more popular than the New York City teams. Hey, folks love Tom Brady right?

The Giants finished 3rd with 20% of the votes, which really wasn't that far off from the top 2. Other teams got 14% and unfortunately for the Jets, not to many folks in the Albany area are fans. Only 9% said the Jets were there favorite team.

So there ya have it, heading in to week 1 this Sunday for our local teams, the majority of folks in the area will be rooting for the Bills and Pats. Now that this is settled, we can worry about more important things: buying beer and wings for this weekend.

Enjoy the games!

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