Get Help With Your Heating Bills
We haven't even started the winter yet and it's already been bitter cold. It looks as if we are in for a long cold, snowy winter. There are millions of dollars available in heating assistance for all New Yorkers that qualify.
Buffalo Bills Cheerleaders Sue Over Pay and Discrimination
A lawsuit was filed by five former Buffalo Bills cheerleaders earlier this week claiming they had worked hundreds of hours for free at games and mandatory public appearances.  The suit also alleges that the women were subjected to groping and sexual comments at events and they had to take a &am…
15 Photos of Santa That Make You Go ‘Huh?’
1. Wait, he gets stuck in that chimney, but not in that tiny sled?
2. Santa likes his package.
3. This is why Santa doesn't deliver to Russia anymore.
4.  Mrs. Claus has had some work done...
5.  Working together to brainwash America's children...