Okay, so it's not really a "lifetime" but 30 years is a pretty long time to not have to worry about paying for your Starbucks each day, right?

Starting yesterday, anyone has the ability to be rich in Starbucks for the next 30 years and all you have to do it go to StarbucksForLife.com. Starbucks does require you to be a Starbucks Rewards member but all that takes is a quick email sign-up and your zip code and you're in the running.

It's actually a benefit to be a Starbucks Rewards member to participate because you also have the chance to win free drinks and food, Bonus Stars, and you get additional entries with each item to purchase through the contest.

Starbucks says in their official statement: “A daily credit for 30 years for one free food or beverage item redeemable at participating Starbucks® stores in the U.S. Winner must create a Starbucks RewardsTM account in order to claim the prize" and according to HelloGiggles that equals up to $43,000 in Starbucks products in 30 years.

They're not stopping there! Anyone who spends money at Starbucks in the month of December with an app or gift card automatically earns Gold status which otherwise is only achieved by spending $150 during the year. On top of that, baristas will be handing out 50,000 $20 gift cards over the next few weeks. There are so many ways to win and if you're going there to get your coffee anyway, why not try?

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